We develop
IT‑products for business

We will bring your product from an idea to a full‑fledged IT‑service. Combine technical knowledge with business requirements in your project. Quickly. Innovatively. Technologically.
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We are a technology company. We have a lot of tools in our Arsenal to solve clients ' business problems. We can conduct research to create an MVP, and think of a solution with the addition of hardware, machine learning, or computer vision.
Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Mongo, RabbitMQ, Docker, Ansible, Swagger;
Angular/React, HTML5, WebRTC, Typescript
Mobile application
Swift, Objective-C, Alamofire, Swagger-Codegen, PromiseKit, CoreData;
Android, JavaRx, Robolectric, Firebase Analytics, Realm, Dagger
Minimum Viable Product, unit‑economy, competitors, market, CustDev, LTV, CAC, Retention
Machine learning, computer vision
Tensor Flow, Keras, OpenCV, Scikit-learn, Theano, CUDA, PyTorch
If a big and cool solution is not for you now, you have a startup, and you need an MVP, then there is a special offer for you

02How are we different?

We understand that you do not need lines of code, but a running, glitch-free IT‑product. What sets us apart:
We only work with IT‑products
Turning to us for development, you can be sure that you get top expertise on time
Yes, we know what deadlines are, and we know that this is the pain of the market, so we decided for ourselves that we will make an incredible effort to implement projects on time
We appreciate your time, so we make the first full version of the product in 1.5-2 months and you can already bring it to the market
We are great at project management. We had to take dozens of courses and read hundreds of books
We can implement projects with computer vision, machine learning, hardware
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With more information

We will write a technical task for free
It is important for us to understand what product we will work with, so we are ready to invest in you even before the launch
We provide warranty support
Your site will work, whatever happens
We are a part of your infrastructure
This is why we have learned to work with other teams, otherwise we will not get a complete product
Delve into all the details
Remember, it is important for us not to program, but to solve your problem. to do this, we delve into all the details of the project
We value your money
If we feel that the feature is underused and questionable, we will definitely tell you this, we appreciate your money. You have a smaller budget, and we will launch the product on the market even faster
In the process of work we provide the final result every month

03For whom we were useful

04Digitized facts

You can trust us. 3 years of hard work, love for clients and projects bear fruit:
tasks completed
social projects
mentions in the media
lines of code
registrations in 1 day on our platform
hours of development, design and management
IT‑products created by our team

05How do we work?

  • 1
    Initial collection of requirements
  • 2
    Defining project goals and priorities
  • 3
    Creating a vision
  • 4
    Commercial proposal
  • 5
    Preparation of technical specifications
  • 6
    Preparation of a work schedule
  • 7
    Signing contract
  • 8
    The design concept
  • 9
    Interim control, reports once a week and demo once a month
  • 10
    Run the project
  • 11
    Support and development
  • 12
Launch and support
  • 13
    Run the project
  • 14
    Collecting primary feedback
  • 15
    Making a list of future hypotheses
  • 16
    Product improvement
  • 17

06How do I contact you?

Write to us
We will receive your request and send you an offer within 24 hours with an approximate estimate of the development cost and clarifying questions. After that, we will call and discuss the project's goals and requirements. And let's get started.